Established in 1881, Schmincke entered a partnership with Chartpak, Inc. in 2009. Full color brochures have Colour Index Names, colour charts and paint information. The colour charts only have paint color swatches, the brochures have C.I. Names and other paint information. Paul Klee (18 December 1879 - 29 June 1940) was born in Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland, and is considered both a German and a Swiss painter. His highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. He was also a student of orientalism.

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The art of brushmaking is at the very heart of our success. Since day one, every Purdy brush has been hand made without ever compromising on quality. Awards. 2012 OSHA VPP Innovation Award 2012 City of Portland Best Practices for Sustainably-Large Companies Associations Trade Affiliates

The sticker shown was used on art pottery made by Gladding McBean Co. from 1937 until 1942 when the Catalina Pottery Art Ware line was discontinued due to war production, according to the gmcb website. Oftentimes these pieces will bear another mark such as Catalina Pottery U.S.A. but the stickers were worn away with cleaning and use.

Jan 12, 2017German Smear – same as above. Mortar Wash – yet another term for German Schmear. Same process, different word (to make things as complicated as possible). Whitewash – Painting your brick with watered-down latex paint. Depending on how much coverage you want on the brick, you can water down the paint more or less.

Dec 30, 2009German doctors have used it thousands of times with impressive results. Tragically, Farrah Fawcett chose a clinic located in a small Bavarian town called Bad Wiesee that doesn't offer hyperthermia because of a quirk in the local law – a foolish mistake on the part of

Ancient farming techniques have all but been replaced by modern mechanized farming in many places around the world. But a growing sustainable agricultural movement, coupled with concerns about the impact of global warming, has led to a resurgence of interest in the processes and struggles of the original inventors and innovators of farming, some 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.


Airbus' Hamburg site manages structural assembly and outfitting of fuselage sections, as well as final assembly for A320 Family aircraft. This plant also is home to Airbus' A380 major component assembly hall – which houses the structural assembly, equipping of the forward and complete rear fuselage sections, along with cabin furnishing, painting and delivery to customers in Europe and the

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German companies quickly ascended to global leadership in solar power technology before a collapse after 2012 forced many of them to drop out of business. However, far from being a sun-drenched country, Germany has one of the highest solar power outputs in the world and still boasts cutting-edge research and many new industry actors.

A Chrysler automobile assembly plant in Detroit, reconfigured to produce tanks. 1942. A Mitsubichi factory devoted to building medium tanks sits in disuse after the end of World War II. 1946. Early Renault tanks built for combat in World War I in a factory in France. 1916.

Jul 01, 2017It's time again for PCI's annual ranking of the top 10 global and top 25 paint and coating manufacturers. The ranking is based on 2016 coatings sales. Sales of other noncoating products are not included. I spend months conducting research for this report, using annual reports, websites, press releases and direct contact with companies to compile the information.

Kaolin clay is the best clay to use for making homemade, non-toxic kid's paint. One reason is because kaolin clay is fairly inexpensive clay, and the other reason is because it's white so it won't change the color of your paints like bentonite or colored clays will.Find kaolin/white cosmetic clay here

The company moved into the new building on Roggenbachweg in 1957. Here, the first hair clippers were built in 1959. The first model was called Famos, which is German for excellent and an abbreviation of Firma Moser (Moser Company). The production of the MOSER 1400 began in 1962. In the mid-1960s, Moser employed 150 people.

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This astonishing idea is adorable. Make a message flower pot– take a clay pot (any size), clean it and paint it with white spray paint and leave the pot for an hour or two. Now use a chalkboard paint to make a small message board on the pot wherever you like. Write up

Max Beckmann (February 12, 1884 – December 27, 1950) was a German painter, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor, and writer. Although he is classified as an Expressionist artist, he rejected both the term and the movement. In the 1920s, he was associated with the New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit), an outgrowth of Expressionism that opposed its introverted emotionalism.

This painting is the only one of a woman known to exist today. Her identity remains a mystery, but her dress and hauteur suggest she may have been at the French court; evidently she was a person of considerable rank. Portraits were commonly made of prospective partners in arranged marriages between powerful royal families.

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A traditional German Christmas-tree requires traditional handmade Erzgebirge ornaments. They are handmade, made out of wood and are also designed with love - as the Erzgebirge items always are. Original Erzgebirge Christmas-ornaments are made by traditional Erzgebirge-workshops like Christian Ulbricht, Mller Kleinkunst and other famous

Dec 30, 2009German doctors have used it thousands of times with impressive results. Tragically, Farrah Fawcett chose a clinic located in a small Bavarian town called Bad Wiesee that doesn't offer hyperthermia because of a quirk in the local law – a foolish mistake on the part of

Oct 16, 2017But as I recall those early German made and proofed P229s did not have either Made in Germany or DE on the slides. I believe those two-tone P229 SLs were made for the German market and brought into the U.S. individually. What I have found curious is the font of the serial numbers on those early German made P229s look to me like those on the

May 21, 2016To say that Mimmo Rotella was an experimenter is a great understatement. The Italian artist left an incredible legacy of artworks ranging an impressive number of media, but perhaps his most famous pieces are his "double dcollages", semi-abstract compositions made of mass media imagery such as movie and advertising poster art he would rip from the streets and affix to canvases.