The area of the driveway is 1,080 square feet (60-feet x 18-feet). According to the table above, one cubic yard of concrete placed at a thickness of 5-inches covers 65 square feet. In a perfect universe, our 1,080 square foot driveway will need exactly 16.62 cubic yards of concrete (1,080 square feet / 65 square feet equals 16.62 cubic yards). How heavy is concrete? Calculate how many short tons US ( sh tn ) of concrete are in 1 cubic yard ( 1 cu yd - yd3 ). Specific unit weight of concrete - amount properties converter for conversion factor exchange from 1 cubic yard cu yd - yd3 equals = 2.03 short tons US sh tn exactly for the masonry material type. To convert concrete measuring units can be useful when building with concrete and


These calculators are designed to help calculate the amount of concrete, asphalt, or sand and gravel needed for your project. The following conditions may affect the actual quantity needed: Any variations in the subgrade, even a quarter inch variation can make a substantial difference in the quantity.

COVERAGE RATE PER TON; 3"-6" Rip Rap: 70 Square Feet: 3"-6" River Rock: 80 Square Feet: 1"-3" River Rock: 90 Square Feet: 3/4", 1" Screened Gravel: 100 Square Feet 2" depth: 5/8", 1/2" Screened Gravel: 120 Square Feet 2" depth: 1/4″, 3/8" Screened Gravel: 140 Square Feet 2" depth: Minus Materials: 100-120

A cubic meter of typical gravel weighs 1,680 kilograms 1.68 tonnes. A square meter of gravel with a depth of 5 cm weighs about 84 kg or 0.084 tonnes. The numbers are obtained using this gravel calculator. How much is a ton of gravel? A ton of gravel with average-sized pebbles is about 0.705 cubic yards, or 19 cubic feet, assuming it has been . More

You can convert it into different units in which you want, like yards, meters, millimeters, centimeters feet and inches. Select a Material: Topsoil Bank-Run Sand Bank-Run Gravel Crushed Limestone Roundstone Crusher Run Stone Dust Mason Sand Concrete Sand Item #4 Gravel Rip-Rap Gabions

Construction Schedules. CFLHD Construction Schedule Guidelines - Guidelines to use while developing CPM schedules; Production Rate Spreadsheet - Approximate range of production rates typical for CFLHD work; CFLHD Construction Schedule Template - Microsoft Project Template for CFLHD work; Materials. Application Rates and Unit Weights Used for Estimating Purposes - List of estimated values to

Material Coverage Conversion Chart

Material Coverage Conversion Chart All rock products, rip rap, boulders and soils are sold by the ton. All mulches and plant mixes are sold by cubic yard. 1 Ton/Cy of the material listed below at a 3 depth will cover square feet Concrete Sand 86 Sq. Ft. Squeege 83 Sq. Ft. Pea Gravel 83 Sq. Ft. 314 Rock 77 Sq. Ft. 1 112 Rock 77 Sq. Ft.

Mon Convert Tons Crushed Concrete Subgrade Convert Square Feet Existen variantes de esta ley que se adaptan mejor a determinadas condiciones de trabajo la ley de rittinger, enunciada en el ao 1867 y que se basa en la hiptesis de las superficies de las partculas la de kick, expresada en el ao 1885 y que se basa en una hiptesis volumtrica y la

Concrete Mix - to build either a 4 inch or 6 inch slab; Mortar Mix - to lay either 8 inch x 2 inch x 4 inch bricks or 8 inch x 8 inch x 16 inch blocks at a 3/8 inch joint; Fast-Setting Concrete - to set a post; Base Coat Stucco Finish Coat Stucco; Veneer Stone Mortar; QUIKWALL Surface Bonding Cement

Sep 27, 2018Convert to tons by dividing imperial pounds by 2,000 (2000 lbs/ ton), or; Convert to metric tones by dividing mass in kilograms by 1,000 (1000kgs/tonne). For example; A square yard is 9 sq ft. For an asphalt pavement 4" thick the volume would be; 9 x (4/12)= 3 cubic feet. If the HM density is 140 lbs/cu ft. Then the mass of hot mix to cover one square

Feb 12, 2020To determine the cost to pour concrete slab, use the following tips: Amount. Calculate the volume of concrete you need in cubic yards. The formula for cubic yards is this: Multiply the length (10 ft.) by the width (10 ft.) by the depth (.35 ft., or 4 in.) and divide it by 27 (the number of cubic feet

How many tons of gravel do I need? This calculator solves for the cubic yards but returns the number of tons based on 2,800 lbs. per yard. Round up to the nearest foot in the length and width boxes, and the same thing just use inches in the depth box to instantly get a

Fill 12 square feet with custom aggregate; For the second example, let's now say that I have an area of 12 ft that I want to fill with an aggregate material. The base is to a depth of 4 inches. I will use a custom material of unknown density which weighs 200 lb per four cubic feet and costs $60 per US short ton.

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How To Convert 1 Ton Of Rock To Cubic Yards Of Rock

Answer (1 of 11): If you need a conversion for trade purposes or in order to get an accurate measurement for work, it can be frustrating that there is no definitive equation when transitioning between a ton of rock and its respective quantity in cubic yards. A good example of why this is can be found when you contrast volcanic rock with another alternative such as granite.

Crushed slag, 90 to 100 lb/ft 3 (1450 to 1600 kg/m 3)[1] 4000. 2375. Crushed slag more than 100 lb/ft 3 (1600 kg/m 3)[1] 4500. 2670. Granulated slag. 2800. 1660 [1] Based on average dry rodded weight of standard size of slag aggregates on record at the Laboratory. The conversion factors listed are the long gradation weights.

Multiply 10 by 10 to reach 100 square feet. Your river rock is three inches tall. Divide three inches by 12 to reach 0.25 feet. Multiply 0.25 by 100 and your volume is 25. Divide 25 by 27 to reach 0.93 cubic yards. River rock weighs about 2,600 pounds or 1.3 tons per cubic yard. In this example, your project would need 1.2 tons of rock.

Convert from cubic meter of crushed granite to tonsonversion of cubic meter of crushed granite to metric tonnesonvert from 1 cubic meter of crushed granite to tons onvert metric tons of crusher dust to cubic meters 1 ton 20mm aggregate cubic yards in a ton of quarryrushed concrete m3 to tonnes angular crushed stone is the key material for

17-5G(1) RCBA for Square Structure [Deleted Apr. 2016] 17-5G(2) RCBA for Skewed Structure [Deleted Apr. 2016] 17-5 I Riprap and Sodding Limits with Barrier Transitions on Bridge [Rev. Apr. 2016] 17-5J Riprap and Sodding Limits with Barrier Transitions on RCBA [Rev. Apr. 2016] 17-5K Bridge Painting Locations and Information [Rev. Oct. 2011]